Sex and Relationships Education


The research objectives of this DCSF report were to understand parents’ views on sex and relationships education (SRE); including whether parents should have the option to withdraw their children from SRE and, if so, at what age parents feel it would be appropriate to remove the option for parents to withdraw children and young people from SRE. Overall, parents viewed SRE as a fundamental part of their children’s education that will stay with them for life. Overwhelmingly, parents felt that it is every child’s right to receive SRE, just as they would any other subject. It should therefore be part of the National Curriculum and integrated into every child’s rounded, balanced education. To maintain it as an ‘optional subject’ is to continue, for many parents, to stigmatise the subject. Leadership Briefings Issue 4.07 (43)

DATE: 12/11/2009
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